Pierre Ferrand Curacao 750ml

Pierre Ferrand Curacao 750ml

Product Code: 695521151449

Appearance: Amber. Nose: Freshly cut naval orange. Taste Profile: Delicious, bitter-sweet orange. Finish: Dry. A traditional French "triple sec" - three separate distillations of spices and peels of curacao oranges blended with brandy and Ferrand Cognac. A rich, complex and balanced liqueur that will bring new sophistication to your punches, slings, and of course, cocktails. On the palate find delicious, bitter-sweet orange, enriched by notes of candied orange with a touch of hazelnut, bitter almonds, and marzipan.

  • Alcohol content : 40.0%
  • Quantity per container : 1
  • Container Size : 750 mL
  • Country of origin : France

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