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ANBL becomes one of the first New Brunswick retailers to completely eliminate plastic bags from its network

Fredericton, NB –Alcool NB Liquor will completely eliminate single use plastic bags from its Corporate stores, becoming one of the first New Brunswick retailers to completely eliminate plastic bags from its network. 

The corporation will introduce a reusable bag program beginning mid-august.

 “We share our customers’ concerns for the environment, and we are pleased to do our part to help reduce the increasing amount of plastics in our communities,” said Rachelle Gagnon, ANBL Board Chair. “Jurisdictions across Canada have taken steps to deal with this issue and we are proud to join in the effort with the greater Moncton area.”

The initiative will help remove 5.5 million plastic bags from entering New Brunswick landfills.  
ANBL remains focused on corporate social responsibility including measures to improve its environmental footprint and has taken a number of steps to reduce plastics in its operations:

  • After a successful trial, we now use 100% recyclable cardboard for all of our in-store merchandising signage.  We worked with our local print partners, Plasticraft and Taylor Printing to make this happen.
  • We will be replacing plastic tasting cups with ones made from 100% biodegradable corn lycra.  
  • The warehouse is working on an initiative to reduce plastic use when it comes to pallet wrapping. 

ANBL is a provincial Crown corporation responsible for the purchase, importation, distribution and retail activity for all alcoholic beverages in the province. It serves the public and licensees through 42 corporate retail outlets, 89 private agency store outlets, 74 local producer agency stores and 66 grocery stores selling wine and cider. Its product portfolio comprises more than 2,200 products, including wines, spirits, beers and other products, such as coolers and cider products, as well as locally produced alcoholic beverages. Over the course of the last 43 years, ANBL has built a network of stores in more than 30 communities around the province and employs about 620 people.

Media Contact: Thomas Tremblay, Public Relations Specialist - 506-429-2091