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All roads lead to Salisbury! Take a break from driving and check out our one and only Depot store. A shopping experience unique from all other ANBL stores…the more you buy the more you save with up to 15% off your purchase every day!

Shop for Wine, Spirits, Coolers and Beer in our warehouse designed store. Depot offers a wide variety of products with deep discounts on select items. Depot’s Mix and Match options allow you to stock up your home bar with your favourite wine and spirits OR split the discount with friends with products you each enjoy!   Beer offers its own discounts and therefore is not included in the Mix and Match.

Each shopping experience is different at Depot with hundreds of products to choose from and a selection that is always changing. Stop by on your next drive by Salisbury! Our knowledgeable staff are there to help and will ask you one simple question…How do you Depot?

For instance – many customers beeline straight to the back wall of the store featuring premium wines and spirits from around the globe.  What if you are a rum/whisky fan, and your partner prefers white wine?  You can find familiar items such as Captain Morgan rums and popular Scotches, while being able to add a Chardonnay, a Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc to your cart to save.

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The selection is always changing, and don’t be surprised if you find something unique to Salisbury Depot. In the cold room, beer continues to be offered and primarily popular brands in larger formats. Although beer is not eligible for the volume discount, there are separate offers for the brews.


Depot's Exclusive Products :

Panama Jacks Original Cream 750ml
Panama Jacks Salted Caramel Cream 750ml
Don Simon Sangria 1500ml
Villa Francesca Prosecco Doc 750ml
Windsor Canadian Whisky 750ml
Motts Clamato Caesar Original 12 B
Motts Clamato Caesar Extra Spicy 12 B
Maclays Pale Ale 24 C
Keystone Ice 24 C
Busch Ice 24 C
James Ready 5.5 24 C
Miller High Life 24 C
Moosehead Dry Ice 24 C


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Be sure to stop at ANBL’s Salisbury Depot and find out How YOU Do Depot.


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Contact Salisbury Depot: (506) 372-3020