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Welcome to the Salisbury Depot! A shopping experience unique from all other ANBL stores. Exclusive products, larger pack sizes and buying in bulk is how our depot store provides you with more value. Shop for Wine, Spirits, Coolers and Beer in our warehouse designed store. Each shopping experience is different at Depot with hundreds of products to choose from and a selection that is always changing.

Buy More Save More :

The more you buy, the more you save! Purchase 12 or more items and save 15%!  

Depot’s Mix and Match options allow you to stock up your home bar with your favourite wine and spirits OR split the discount with friends with products you each enjoy! 

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Eligible Products: Wine, Spirits, and Coolers of all sizes.
Beer is not included
however, offers its own discounts. See below. 


Depot often has deals that you just cant find anywhere else! Take advantage of premium beer mix and match bundles, long weekend sales or limited time offers.


Mix and Match any 2 of the following premium beers and save $6

Michelob Ultra 24 C
Moosehead Lager 24 C
Corona Extra 24 B
Coors Original 24 C
Moosehead Radler 24 C
Miller Lite 24 C
Heineken Lager 24 C
Keiths 24 C
Moosehead Cracked Canoe 24 C
Molson Ultra 24 C
Mill Street Original Organic 24C
Sol 24 C
Sol 24 B
Miller Genuine Draft 24 C
Moosehead Lager 28x341ml
Sapporo 24 C


Exclusive Products :

If you’re looking for rare and unique products check out the list of products that are only available at the Salisbury depot!

Growers Harvest Stone Fruit Flavoured Cider 24 C
Jack Daniels Downhome Punch
Jack Daniels Lynchburg Lemonade
Jack Daniels Southern Peach
Jack Daniels Watermelon Punch
Jack Daniels Watermelon Punch 6 B
Jose Cuervo Authentic Strawberry Lime Margarita 1750ml
Panama Jacks Original Cream 750ml
Panama Jacks Salted Caramel Cream 750ml
Vodka Mudshake Spiced Eggnog 270ml
Blue Lobster Vodka Soda Sour Cherry Lime 473ml
Vodka Mudshake Espresso Martini 24 B
Barefoot Fruitscato Strawberry 750ml
Revolution Passion Blue 1000ml
Wild Vines Blackberry Merlot 1500ml
Wild Vines Strawberry White Zinfandel 1500ml
The Pop Shoppe Vodka Soda Mix Pack 4 C
Truly Black Cherry 6 C
Mill Street Original Organic 24 C
Sol 24 C
Miller Genuine Draft 24 C
Moosehead Lager 28x341ml
Sapporo 24 C
Shiver Vodka 750ml
Wild vines Blackberry Merlot 1.5L
Wild Vines Strawberry Zinfandel 1.5L
Windsor Canadian Whisky 750ml


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