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Here it is. The moment we remember why we tolerate the winters that we do. The money you’ve spent staying warm since last year is quickly reallocated to air conditioning, the world’s best seafood, and of course – things to help keep you cool and pair with whatever you’ve cooked up. Summer in New Brunswick is second-to-none, as every tourist visiting will tell you. We’ve got something for every summer occasion, from the hot days to crisp nights. That’s right – it isn’t all beer, cider, and coolers during the summer. If you haven’t enjoyed your favourite red wine or a Moscow Mule beside the bonfire under the stars, you aren’t doing it right. We will let you off the hook due to the heat, only this time.

Summer is all about the hot and cold: getting sweaty then jumping in the lake, eating BBQ’d hot wings then cooling down with a smooth blended drink. That’s why we’ve prepared 6 of our favourite BBQ food recipes and pairings, and 9 chilly and smooth blended drinks. However you like to enjoy your summer, you have options! Click on one of the boxes below to start exploring the hot or cold side of summer, then head to our stores to make your tasty dreams a reality!

How do you enjoy your summer?

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