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The Maritime Kitchen Party has earned its reputation as the essence of East Coast living. We're a social bunch, so the close quarters of the kitchen is naturally where we prefer to rub elbows, get cozy, and eat and drink the flavours of the Atlantic. Best of all: the fridge is right there! No need to leave the convo to grab a drink or bite. The Kitchen is where all of our favourite things become one in a blurry cacophony of music, voices, flavours, and smells. 

You've got the friends, you've got the tunes, now let us handle the drinks. Follow our Guide to the Ultimate Kitchen Party and you'll never be home alone again. 




Serve up: Bacon wrapped scallops  

Pour: Matua Pinot Gris, $20.79

While you're: …enjoying summer appetizers around the kitchen table with good company, or enjoying a friendly (but competitive) game of washer toss. 

The Experience: Pinot Gris does so well with this kitchen party favourite because its acidity stands up to the fat of the bacon and the meatiness of the seafood-pork combo.




Serve up: Pulled Pork Sliders 

Pour: Spiced Rum and Cola (an East Coast staple) 

While you're: … laughing way too hard at that thing that happened that one time, you know, the time buddy did that thing? 

The Experience: The sweetness of the pulled will match well with the overt sweet notes from the Rum and Cola. Besides, you can’t get more maritime than a sandwich in a kitchen with a Rum and Cola.


Serve up: Grilled Watermelon 

Pour: Splash Tropical Grapefruit 4 cans

While you're: …stomping around the kitchen to “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”, “The Night Paddy Murphy Died”, or literally anything else by Great Big Sea.

The Experience: This citrus based beverage is best friends with the unique, smokey sweet flavour of grilled watermelon. 


Serve up: Steamed Mussels 

Pour: No Boats on Sunday cider

While you're: … crowded around a pot of mussels like a bunch of vultures (or seagulls)

The experience: Heritage ciders (learn more about Heritage Ciders here) have a natural acidity based on their use of sharp apples. A highly acidic cider like No Boats on Sunday lets the saltiness and freshness of shellfish shine through.

Serve up: Mini Lobster Rolls

Pour: Wheat beers (witbiers), like Shock Top Belgian White Cans

While you’re: … getting in a heated argument about what’s more right: “I drank two beers” or “I drank two beer”. We’re not getting involved in this one… 

The experience: Belgian witbiers like Shock Top match and enhance the flavours of lobster. Squeeze a little lemon on there, and the citrus notes of the beer will come forward.


Serve up: Garlic Fingers with donair sauce

Pour: Sleeman Clear

While you’re: … getting your greasy mozzarella finger prints all over your friend’s guitar or fiddle.

The experience: Garlic fingers are simple, delicious, and are really just one more excuse for Maritimers to eat donair sauce (a unique taste one visitor described as a combination of ranch and apple sauce). Pair them with a crisp, refreshing light beer like Sleeman Clear.



Serve up: Ganong Chocolates

Pour: Oatmeal stout, like St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout

While you’re: … sick of talking to people and decide to spend the rest of the night on the floor hanging out with the dog. Pro tip: DON’T FEED THE DOG CHOCOLATES!

The experience: The perfect evening. Because dogs are the best kind of people.