Taste Tags

Explore the wonderful world of wine with ANBL’s new in-store Taste Tags. Our nine different Taste Tag profiles allow you to find the perfect flavour profile that speaks to you.

What are Taste Tags?

  • A simple and practical tool that allows you to easily navigate and find products you’ll love.
  • Each Taste Tag is assigned to a style or flavour profile.
  • Find the profile that you’ll love and be confident in exploring new products!
  • There are 9 different Taste Tag profiles to explore.
  • Products marked in store only.

It’s time to enjoy your wine, your way. Gain the confidence and expertise needed to pick up the perfect bottle for any occasion.


Taste Tag Profiles


icon-light-crisp LIGHT & CRISP
Refreshing! Low intensity with notes of citrus and stone-fruit.
icon-light-crisp AROMATIC & VIBRANT
Medium intensity with floral aromas and flavours of citrus, apples and pears.
icon-full-rich FULL & RICH
High intensity with a big mouthfeel and flavours of tropical fruit, citrus, as well as hints of vanilla and butterscotch.


icon-elegant-fruity ELEGANT & FRUITY
Low intensity with red fruit and good structure.


icon-round-ripe ROUND & RIPE
Medium intensity with ripe notes of red and black fruit finishing with smooth tannins.
icon-medium-earthy MEDIUM & EARTHY
Medium intensity with balanced fruity and savoury notes.
icon-big-bold Big & Bold
High intensity with jammy fruit, toasty notes of vanilla, mocha and spice, finishing with smooth tannins!
icon-robust-complex ROBUST & COMPLEX
High intensity with a big mouthfeel and balanced fruity, toasty and earthy nuances.


icon-luscious-sweet LUSCIOUS & SWEET
Characterized with a marked sweetness and intense ripe fruit flavours.

Sweetness Scale

In addition to our taste tags you can find the sweetness scale on each of our wine tags. Our new sugar grams per litre scale allows you to identify the amount of grams of sugar you are consuming per litre and the perceived sweetness of the wine.



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