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Rosé cider is on track to be the hot pink drink of the summer! This pretty-in-pink refresher is inspired by the light and fruity elements of a rosé wine, made with red fleshed apples that give it a bright taste and colour.  Some say the popularity is just another iteration of the growing popularity of “millennial pink” (yes, it’s a thing), but we say it’s much more than that.

The flavour profiles of Rosé Ciders range from dry to sweet, as the apple varieties used within the cider-making process can be dramatically different.  But how do you go from cider to rosé cider?  The method varies. While some rosé ciders get their pink hue from red fleshed apples, others use red wine grape skins and even hibiscus flowers. And in many cases, these ingredients supply more than just colour to the cider—they also impart fruity and floral flavors.

So, what’s the difference?  You’re just going to have to taste them to find out!  Here is ANBL’s selection:


No Boats on Sunday Cranberry Rosé 500ml



Angry Orchard Rosé 6x355ml

$14.49 /UNIT



Strongbow Rosé Apple 440ml

Coming soon


Somersby Rosé Cider

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