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It’s new wine time! We understand that most everyone has their “go-to” wines for dinner or relaxing, but wine is a fun way to switch up your routine. Keep your palate guessing with the brand-new selections below, or explore any of the 1000+ wines in our catalog. If you’re really getting a taste for trying new things, try shopping the in-store selection of Experience wines. Dozens of new limited-release wines hit stores every 6 weeks as part of the Expérience program. 

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Lab Red 750ml

Very aromatic with notes of ripe black and red fruits. On the palate, juicy plums and dark berry fruit flavour with plenty of fresh, yet fine tannins that take over at the finish, along with flavours of spice and licorice. 


Steak, sausage penne or blackberry cheesecake. 



Quinta Da Lixa Anjos De Portugal 750ml

Produced from grapes traditionally used in the Vinho Verde demarcated region, this wine is young and delicate.  It has all the quality characteristic of this exceptional area, distinguished by its richness, taste and aroma.


Pork, seafood and poultry dishes.



Crazy Grapes 100% Vegan 750ml 

Cherry red and clean with bright colours indicative of its youth. Floral attractive aromas on the nose, with hints of ripe fruit and a balsamic background. The palate is balanced, with stable acidity and a smooth finish.


Salads, pasta, ricotta or mozzarella cheeses.



Cune Rioja Semidulce Blanco 750ml 

This semisweet wine bridges the gap between the freshness of young, dry whites and the smooth elegance and velvet suppleness of traditional whites from the Rioja. Aromas of ripe white fruits, and from American oak barrel aging, with slight smoke and nuttiness. Caramel and honey lingers in the mouth with a hint of balsamic on the finish.  


Goat cheese, foie gras or oriental fried dishes.