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What’s all this talk about cider? Cider Styles is your guide to this beautiful beverage. 

Fruit ciders are apple-based ciders that have other fruits or fruit juices added either before or after fermentation. The addition of fruit will affect the cider’s flavour, aroma and appearance. Fruit ciders are one of EIGHT accepted Cider Styles (learn all about the other Cider Styles here). A “pear” cider is not a cider made from pears. It’s still an apple-based cider, with pear flavours, colours, or aromas added.

Fruit Ciders are soaring in popularity, not only because they’re delicious, but also because the added fruit brings an entirely new dimension to the cider. A chilled peach cider makes us long for the warmth of spring and summer, while a cranberry cider makes us want to get cozy with wool socks at home.



Growers Harvest Stonefruit 473ml



Okanagan Orchard Peach 6x355ml



Somersby Red Rhubarb 500ml