Can I get a product from another store? 

If your local store doesn’t carry a desired brand, please talk to one of our team members to source it for you. All products carried in our stores, with the exception of sale items, Depot, Liquidation, Last Chance, and Discounted products, are available for this service free of charge to the customer (subject to availability). Agency store customers can also use this service.

How often is your product inventory updated? 

We update our inventories for our corporate store locations numerous times throughout the day. During peak times and seasons this may become inaccurate quite quickly so please contact your local store for more up-to-date information. 

Can you ship products outside the province?

Unfortunately, it is illegal for us to sell alcoholic beverages outside of New Brunswick. You may be able to contact your provincial liquor authority and ask if they can source the product from ANBL. 

Where can I get a keg?

A number of New Brunswick micro-breweries have a Brewery Agency Stores on site and sell kegs to the public. Contact your local micro-brewery for more information.

How much product can I bring across the US border?

45 Litres. The duty free entitlement for individuals crossing the border is 1.5L of wine /spirits or 24 cans of beer. Quantities above and beyond the duty free entitlement have federal duties, provincial mark ups, and HST applied.

What is your return policy?

Any product can be returned or exchanged, if accompanied by a receipt. Exchanges due to product quality issues do not require a receipt. 

Is it true I can sample products in store? 

Yes, you can ask a store team member to try a sample of a product before you buy. They are trained according to social responsibility policies and safe consumption practices and won’t serve more than ¼ oz. per taste. 

Where can I find beverage containers information?

The Department of Environment is responsible for the administration of the Beverage Containers Act, and ANBL must abide by the requirements of the Act that apply to beverage alcohol containers. More information, including a list of redemption centres operating throughout New Brunswick, can be found here.