Life in New Brunswick changes quickly. Specifically, the weather part of life. We seem to transition from Summer to Winter and right back to Summer. But if you look close enough you’ll find that Spring does in fact pop up before the truly warm months (and Fall comes before the cold, too).

We look forward to Spring because the snow finally stops (after that “one last storm that comes every year) and eventually starts to melt. We act like it’s 15 degrees warmer than it actually is because, well, it sure feels that way after months of bitter cold.

Spring is when we start our Summer, those seasonal traditions and activities, and that usually starts with getting the bicycle out. With clear roads and trails, the temperature doesn’t really matter yet because you can layer up and layer down. But you might want to play it safe on some trails. All that melting snow typically results in lots and lots of mud. Then again, that’s part of the fun!

Braver ones among us will use this newfound (relative) warmth to get out on the water for the first time. The water itself might need some extra time to warm up, but floating on top can be very enjoyable and relaxing. Taking your canoe or kayak into one of the many bodies of water found across New Brunswick is one of the many rites of Spring passage in our province.

And finally, for perhaps the bravest of them all (at least in the eyes of this writer) is Spring camping. As Provincial Parks start to open, the tents come out! But real New Brunswickers don’t need official campgrounds. No, the entire province, with all its trees, forests, and aforementioned waterways, is like one big campsite waiting to be explored.

Of course, after finishing that bike ride or paddle, and finding yourself in front of a warm fire, what better way to look back on a day well spent than with a refreshing New Brunswick beverage.

Here are some local gems to try this Spring and all summer long: