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Organic isn’t just a popular fad term when it comes to wine. In fact, there are a very strict set of regulations that vineyards need to implement to be certified organic. It essentially means that the wines are produced from organically grown grapes using sustainable practices. The process is thoughtful and can be more time consuming, but the results are delicious - and they help the environment.



Paul Mas Cuvee Sercete Merlot Cabernet Organic 750ml


The Cuvee Secrete Mas Organic Merlot Cabernet Franc appears almost black with red tints, overwhelming ripe black fruit, locked in with subtle red fruit and spicy herbal notes on the nose. The palate is full and soft with intense blackberry and spiced plum and hints of black cherry, finishing long and very dry with even more spiced fruit, definitely a food wine. 


Body: Medium

Pairing: Best served with grilled meat, pasta, and different cheeses.

When to drink: Enjoy young (1-3 years) and allow to open in the glass.








Paul Mas Des Tannes Classic Blanc Organic 750ml

The white Mas de Tannes Classic consists of Chardonnay and Grenache Blanc, 60% was aged for four months in oak barrels, what adds a delicate oak note, which underlines the exotic fruit notes. In taste, the Mas de Tannes Blanc is powerful yet fresh and drinkable, intense and long-lasting in the finale. A very nice wine for a fair price.

Body: Full

Pairing: Smoked eel, pork tenderloin with sage and parsley, scallops with coconut milk, lemongrass and ginger.

When to drink: Drink now or within 3 years.





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