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Everything about rosé says “spring!”: the range of bright colours, the aromas of fresh fruits, and its “in the moment” attitude (also known as a short shelf life). Let those last sad snowbanks melt away in your mind, and ring in the season with and a bright bottle of beautiful rosé. This collection of Expérience rosés brings options from all around the world straight to your spring celebration. Rosé S’Il Vous Plait!



Urban Provence 

Aromas of wild strawberry, white blossoms and raspberry with hints of white pepper. This dry rosé offers tart cherry and floral notes with minerality and some spice to finish. 

Body: Light

Pairing: Pesto Pizza

When to drink: Drink now or within 1-2 years



Berne Romance

Aromas of wild summer fruits like strawberry, peach and raspberry. Juicy and well-structured, this dry rosé offers a tart freshness that is very drinkable.

Body: Light

Pairing: Grilled white fish

When to drink: Drink now



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Urban Provence 750ml

Berne Romance 750ml

Rosé S'il Vous Plait