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These beautiful wines come from the famous Piedmont region in Italy, one of the wine worlds most prestigious areas of production. The impressive landscape of rolling valleys and hills create unique microclimates allowing the grapes grown in the region to develop distinctive characteristics that give the resulting wines, power, elegance and longevity. There is no question that the wines of Piedmont are some of the worlds best and the wines of Serragrilli are no exception.

The vineyards have been family farmed for over four generations and were designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 2013. Eco-friendly practices are a priority for the vineyard! All sites are free of any chemical pesticides or herbicides and all grapes are hand harvested.

Il Drago e la furnace

Located in Tuscany in the heart of the Chianti Senese area, Il Drago e La Furnace produces examples of all the iconic styles of Tuscan wine, from Brunello and Bolgheri, to Chianti and beyond. The wines represent high quality combined with luxurious aesthetics.

In the vineyards, the grapes are hand harvested and careful attention is taken in the cellar to produce wines of exceptional quality. Tuscany is characterized by its varying growing conditions which are perfect for the cultivation of Sangiovese in several different styles. Thanks to the favourable soil and climate, these wines reflect the characteristics of this land with their pleasantly fruity notes and well-defined personality and structure.



These family owned vineyards in Torgiano and Montefalco lie in the heart of Umbria and have been cultivated for decades in accordance with the principle of sustainable viticulture. With 600 acres of vineyards, this winery implements innovative cultivation techniques based on sustainability and respect for the environment. Lungarotti has been practicing sustainable viticulture for many years, aiming to obtain the best possible grape quality while respecting the vine, biodiversity of the soil and of the vineyard environment. 

The VIVA (Evaluation of the Impact of Viticulture on the Environment) implemented by the Ministry of the Environment for the specific wine sector provides Italian companies a tool to diagnose the impacts of the wine production, and at the same time is a tool of guarantee and transparency for the consumers. In 2018, Lungarotti was recognized for all 4 indicators provided by the VIVA standards.
















Cantina Borga


Cantina Borga is a family owned winery in the village of Chiarano in the Piave region of North-East Italy. A point of origin of countless intriguing indigenous grape varieties, these lush plains and their loamy mineral and nutrient rich soils are ideal for the cultivation of high quality grapes.

A new generation of Borga, this group of four cousins have partnered to take advantage of nearly 80 years of honed knowledge and experience to breathe new life into the 85 acres of vineyards bestowed upon them by past generations. They have revitalized their 85 acres of vineyards - the result is a range of wines bursting with energy and a modern, approachable range adapted to all palates that features the best of Veneto’s myriad of indigenous grapes. Each bottle is a reflection of the vibrancy of the local landscape and a playful invitation to join Cantine Borga with open arms to explore this rich area.





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