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Looking for a new indulgent sweet treat? We’ve got you covered with these decadent creamy cocktails and they aren’t what you’d typically think. Give your ice cream a delicious twist or relax with an iced coffee this weekend. Give them a try – they really are the cream of the crop!


Baileys Irish Cream 750ml


Baileys Irish Cream

750 ml


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The classic. Irish whiskey, cream and fine spirits woven together to create a perfect blend of flavours.


How to serve it:

Over ice, in coffee or drizzled over ice cream.







Cabot Trail Maple Cream 750ml


Cabot Trail Maple Cream

750 ml




A unique blend of the finest fresh cream, 100% pure grade A maple syrup and dark rum. This unique product is 100% natural and purely Canadian.  Has shown incredible taste results in focus groups. It is perfect served on ice, in coffee, and cocktails.


How to Serve it:

In iced coffee, with whisky or with maple desserts.







Forty Creek Cream Liquor 1140ml

Forty Creek Cream Liquor

1140 ml


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NOW $39.79


Crafted with fresh dairy cream and delicately blended with award-winning Forty Creek Whisky. Enjoy the rich flavours of vanilla, chocolate and caramel.


How to Serve it:

On its own, stirred in coffee or blended in a milkshake.







RumChata 750ml

750 ml

A blend of real dairy cream, specially formulated Caribbean rum, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and other secret flavours.

How to Serve it:
Blended with ice, mixed with Fireball or in a cappuccino.