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The ANBL Community Foundation is proud to support and partner with New Brunswick charitable organizations and events that are dedicated to improving lives in New Brunswick. The programs & services outlined below are just some of the ways to partner with the Foundation. Please reach out to our team at kEncEmaildpnnvojuzAbocm/dpn.

ANBL Quarterly Lottery

ANBL welcomes Registered Charities to apply for consideration in our quarterly lotteries. One winner will be selected from each zone across New Brunswick.

To qualify, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Be a registered charitable organization through the Canada Revenue Agency;
  2. Have completed an application form (below) or through www.anbl.com
  3. Not have been a recipient of an ANBL Community Foundation lottery in the same zone within the calendar year and not have exceeded winning more than two zones per calendar year (as of
    January 2019)
  4. Not be one of the ANBL community Foundation's major partners as defined by an annual financial investment for $10,000 or more. Organizations include: MADD Canada, Canadian Mental Health Association of NB, Youth Impact Jeunesse, Nature Trust NB, United Way and Canadian Cancer Society of NB.

Note: 100% of the proceeds must stay in the zone from which the selection was made


In-Store Programs and Events

The ANBL Community Foundation is constantly working with our customers to raise money for New Brunswick charities. Our customers have been very generous in the past by contributing to prompt-at-cash programs, coin box programs, and other well-known events like the Daffodil Campaign for the Canadian Cancer Society of NB and the Poppy Campaign for Canadian veterans. Click here to view a full calendar of our in-store programs and events.

Charitable Festivals

Organizations may request to approach the supplier community to participate in fund raising efforts.  For qualifying events, ANBL will provide the suppliers with some discounting on product being poured at charitable tastings.  To receive supplier contact information, groups must:

  1. Be registered as a charitable organization through the Canada Revenue Agency
  2. Anticipate 100+ paid attendees at your event
  3. Event must have a charitable component, with 100% of the profit going to one or more charities that are registered with Revenue Canada
  4. Request must be received at least 60 business days before the event date
  5. The core purpose of the event must be the product tasting, done in a socially responsible manner that facilitates the supplier / representative’s opportunity to promote their product, educate the consumer, and promote the category as a whole



Liquor and Special Occasions Permits

A special occasion permit is required for the giving or selling of liquor at one-day events such as weddings, family reunions, networking events, etc. The Liquor Control Act is administered by The New Brunswick Department of Public Safety (GNB).



Give Away Items

ANBL is pleased to sponsor events on a smaller scale. Should your fundraiser require give away items (non-alcohol related items such as: flasks, wine kits and BBQ sets) please send us details about your event, including the date and goal of the fundraising event.

Contact: kEncEmaildpnnvojuzAbocm/dpn