Apple cider is regularly served as a warm drink, and some hard cider cocktails can be served warm too.  Choose medium sweetness ciders, with less carbonation, and take advantage of seasonal fruits:  cranberries, limes and mandarins are delicious this time of year!


Warm it Up

Cider is a beautiful drink – warm or cold!  Simmer on low with some cinnamon, star anise or cardamom.


Pair it With Dinner

Enjoy your cider with a meal, and capitalize on flavour by pairing up the right cider style with different kinds of foods:

DRY ciders are excellent with pork, chicken, cured meats and seafood. 

MEDIUM ciders are great with burgers, oysters, creamy and spicy foods.

SWEET ciders are delicious served with appetizers, cheeses, and grilled vegetables.


Mix it Up

The fresh, crispness of apple ciders lend themselves particularly well to experimenting with cocktails. Click here for some ideas!