What’s YOUR Cider Style? Do you like DRY WINE? Do you like CRAFT BEER? Do you like COOLERS? Use this quick guide to find YOUR cider style.

People have always enjoyed pairing wine and food.  And the latest trend sees more and more people pairing beer and food.  Similarly, you can enjoy your cider with a meal, and capitalize on the experience by pairing up the right cider style with different kinds of foods.


Dry ciders are low in sugar, and focus on their crisp acidity. Try a dry cider for a change if you typically enjoy dry wines.

Excellent with pork, chicken, cured meats and seafood. 



These are a beer-drinkers cider with rich flavours, more body and a touch more sweetness, like many craft beers possess.  Also a great choice for making Cider cocktails!

Serve with anything on the BBQ, oysters, creamy and spicy foods. 



These are sweeter in flavour, with bright fruit notes, often flavoured with more than just apple.  Perfect over ice on a hot summer day.  Cooler drinkers – try some of these!

Delicious served with appetizers, cheeses, and grilled vegetables.


You can also cook with cider!  Here are a few ideas to get you started!

• Simmer a cup of cider with crushed garlic and fresh herbs until it reduces into a glaze, then brush it on grilled ribs or chicken wings.

• Whisk cider with apple cider vinegar, Dijon and olive oil for a zesty vinaigrette that you can use on greens or roasted vegetables. 

• Cook cider, honey and mustard until reduced to a sticky glaze to coat sausage before grilling.

• Use half cider, half water in your gravy for pork chops.

• Instead of steaming mussels with white wine, switch it up by using the same amount of cider.

• Roast half-cooked peeled potatoes in the oven, tossed with melted butter and topped with cider.

• Glaze your ham with a mixture of cider, brown sugar, cinnamon and cloves.