A beer and chip pairing guide


Nothing beats a cold beer and a salty snack! But what flavours bring out the best in each other? This guide tells you exactly what brew works best with your favourite crispy treat. Looking for suggestions on any of these great styles? These are just a few of our favs:


Salt & Vinegar

Even if your chip choice is heavier in salt or has a more intense vinegar flavour, the ESB works perfectly.

Try: Foghorn Esty Special Bitter ESB 4C


Regular Salted Chip

Crisp refreshing pilsners wash down these salty chips without overwhelming the flavour.

Try: Wernesgruner Pils 500ml


Sour Cream and Onion

The hops forward flavour of the IPA is prefect for the tangy sour cream and onion bite.

Try: Amsterdam Boneshaker Unfiltered IPA 473ml



BBQ chips highlight the smoky and sweet layers found in a Porter.

Try: Fullers London Porter Ale 500ml


Dill Pickle

A Kolsch is the perfect companion to cut through the big flavours found in a dill pickle chip.

Try: Picaroons 506 Kolsch 473ml


Salt & Pepper

The salty bite of these chips needs that light hoppy flavour from a refreshing Pale Ale.

Try: Graystone Brewing Patagonia Pale Ale 473ml