I love this time of year for beer! Gift packs are out and that means getting to drink beer out of a branded glass that was specifically selected for that beer. Glassware plays an important role in the way the beer smells and tastes, the way the colour and look of the beer is showcased and helps to get the perfect head from the perfect pour. For some of the imported gift packs the glassware also reflects tradition, giving the drinker a more authentic experience when enjoying their brew. Most of the gift packs are specialty batches available only in the gift packs and should be savored in their best form! It really changes the experience! 

The added glassware is also a nice added touch when gifting. The packs are easy to wrap or look great with just a bow under the tree. I bring them with me as host gifts this time of year instead of the standard bottle of wine. There is just something exciting about getting your hands on or giving someone something exclusive.