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As Munich, Germany prepares to celebrate the 209th Oktoberfest celebration, I wanted to share a few of my favorite Oktoberfest beers with you. Look for these at select ANBL stores for your own Oktoberfest celebration! 

Up until now you may have thought Oktoberfest beers were any and all beers served at Oktoberfest. This stands true however, there is one traditional style that has been favorited by patrons for many years. Originally, beer consumed during this celebration back in 1810 was a Dunkel, a dark lager, but by 1872 Marzen’s were introduced and have become the style of choice for this celebration! Today you will find the style has evolved and split into a German version and an American version. With the German version being made using a lighter malt resulting in a paler beer and the American style using a heavier, darker malt creating an amber style beer. Today, at the real Oktoberfest in Munich, only six local breweries serve on the premises: Paulaner, Spaten, Hacker-Pschorr, Augustiner, Hofbrau and Lowenbrau. They are your true Oktoberfest beers in their purest form.

The beer below represent the best of these styles and are a great way to celebrate the occasion!