The holidays are over now, and with the new year comes the desire to cut back a bit after all the feasting and celebration. Don’t worry, you don’t have to entirely remove beer from your January calendars! You can choose a light beer to relax with friends and enjoy yourself without having to worry about the calories.

Light beers are brewed to be lower in alcohol, calories, or both depending on the style. There is a general perception that light beers are light on taste too – but this doesn’t have to be the case! You won’t be cutting back on flavour with these light beer options – at under 100 calories, you can still experience these premium beer options without extending the guilt of the holiday splurge. 

Sleeman Clear 6 C
  • $17.29 /UNIT
Michelob Ultra 12 B
  • $26.49 /UNIT
Miller Lite 12 B
  • $26.49 /UNIT
Sleeman Clear 12 B
  • $24.49 /UNIT
Molson Ultra 12 B
  • $26.49 /UNIT